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The Russian Association of Medical Anthropologists (AMA) and the Center of Medical Anthropology (Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, RAS) are launching a call for the symposium “MEDICAL ANTHROPOLOGY ON THE THRESHOLD OF THE THIRD DECADE OF XXI CENTURY: MAIN OUTCOMES, NEW IDEAS AND PERSPECTIVES” which will be held in Moscow on October 15-17, 2020. You can join the event in-person or online (the format will be adjusted according to the situation with the COVID-19 epidemic).

We invite medical anthropologists, bioethicists, ethnologists and ethnographers, sociocultural anthropologists, psychologists, sociologists of medicine and health, philosophers, folklorists, and other experts.

Suggested topics:

1. Medical anthropology as a scientific field in Russia and globally: problems, approaches, and methods.
2. COVID-19 epidemic: new challenges for humankind, and ways of coping.
3. COVID-19 epidemic: strategies of WHO, governmental and administrative organizations (lawmaking aspects and implementation).
4. Biopolitics and bioethics in the pandemic era, and problems of the medicalization of everyday life.
5. Historiography of medical anthropology – outcomes of XX and early XXI cent.
6. The field for medical anthropology, and specifics of collecting and processing data.
7. Medical anthropologists – training, expertise, and jobs.
8. Problems of humanitarianization of medical education.
9. WHO strategies in traditional and folk medicines: theoretical and practical problems.
10. Medical anthropology studying traditional medical systems, folk medical practices, ancient and modern medicinal and healing methods.
11. From folk medicine towards folk healing and integration of medical systems, practices, and methods (modern processes in studies of medical anthropologists and ethnographers).
12. Integration of medical systems and medical marketing: correlation problems.
13. Traditional medicines (TM’s) and traditional medical systems (TMS’s) globally, in Russia, and their countries of origin.
14. Practices of integrating medicines and medical systems in states and communities.
15. Communicative problems between medical systems, practices, and methods (translation problems, evidentiality problems, mutual influence, competition, etc.).
16. Biomedicine and biomedical technologies: achievements, problems, and difficulties in the research of medical anthropologists.
17. Health industry: integrating preventative and therapeutic technologies into modern society.
18. Medical choice: integration of medical systems and practices among chronically ill or disabled people.
19. The human body and a variety of beliefs about it.
20. Assisted reproductive technologies in the focus of medical anthropology.
21. Anthropology of disabilities: medicine and related practices.
22. Anthropology of reproductive health.
23. Anthropology of mental health.
24. Anthropology of consciousness.
25. Modern problems of the anthropology of longevity and social gerontology.
26. Ideas of medical anthropology and bioethics in arts.
27. Food and medicines in the focus of medical anthropology.

Within the frameworks of medical anthropology, the topics of the symposium may be extended – your proposals are very welcome.

Languages of the symposium – Russian and English.

Online meetings are to be held in Zoom.

In absentia participation is not possible!

We accept applications until September 15, 2020, at

1) Full name *
2) Research degree
3) Academic rank
4) Affiliation
5) Position
6) Email
7) Phone number
8) Chosen topic number
9) Presentation title
10) Abstract: under 300 words, for an electronic publication
11) Hotel accommodation required: yes / no

* No more than three co-speakers may present one topic (all must be directly involved in the related project). Information on all co-speakers must be written in each field, separated by semicolons (;).

We will accept applications and abstracts in English or Russian.

The organizing committee will choose the most relevant of the proposed presentations.

Please be sure to notify us if you need hotel accommodation in the case of in-person participation. Please make sure there are no restrictions on traveling to Russia from your country of residence at the time of the event. We can help foreign participants with choosing and booking a hotel, as well as obtaining a Russian visa.

The participation fee for foreign participants is 50 euros (25 euros for undergraduate and graduate students). The online participation fee is 25 euros. Members of the Russian Association of Medical Anthropologists get a 50 % discount. The fee includes visa support, translation at the event, sightseeing assistance, coffee breaks, a buffet reception, a certificate, and a folder with symposium materials.

Foreign speakers should pay the fee in-person, on the starting day of the conference. In the case of online participation, please contact our secretary for payment details.

The articles based on your presentations may be published, on your request, in a bilingual electronic peer-reviewed journal, Medical Anthropology and Bioethics (based at the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, RAS), as well as anthology series Proceedings on Medical Anthropology (also IEA RAS-based).

The style guide for proposed articles can be found under

For updates on the symposium, please visit the AMA homepage,

For other inquiries, please email the symposium secretary, Anna Ozhiganova, at

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