Association of Medical Anthropology focuses its activity principally on:

  • organization of scientific events – regional, Russian and international (seminars, symposiums, conferences);
  • educational work (development of programs and organizing Schools of medical anthropology and bio-ethics for students of medical universities and post-graduate students of humanitarian institutes of the Russian Academy of Science; working on documents for the creation of the educational system and education of specialists in the sphere of medical anthropology and bio-ethics and setting up new professions).
  • Publishing activities (publishing of collection of scientific works and monographs, publishing of a socialized international scientific and educational journal “Medical anthropology and bio-ethics “MAiB” (e-journal:
  • Scientific-research work (coordination, education and collective inter-disciplinary projects).

AMA currently conducts work in the following fields:

  • Theoretical and methodological basis of medical anthropology (Michel D.V., Moiseev V.I.).
  • Health-care, conventional medicine (Buldakova Y.R., Isaeva Y.A.)
  • Non-conventional medicine (Kharitonova V.I.)
  • Folk and traditional medicine (Batyanova E.P., Ermakova E.E.)
  • Ethno-pharmacology (Pavlova L.A., Kopeliovich G.B.).
  • Traditional medical systems (Goloviznin M.V., Kototva N.I.)
  • Religion practices in the healing context (Ozhiganiva A.A.)
  • Social and cultural practices in healthcare (Kurlenkova A.S.0
  • Medicine as a cultural phenomenon, narrative medicine (Kirilenko E.I., Lechsier V.L.)
  • Bio-ethics on medical anthropology (Kozhevnikova M., Kurlenkova A.S.)
  • Trans-cultural psychotherapy in the focus of medical anthropology (Orlova M.O.)
  • Creation of the educational system on the sphere of medical anthropology and promotion of new professions (Kharitonova V.A., Moiseev V.I., Buldakova Y.R.)