Dear colleagues!

The Association of Medical Anthropology (AMA) was set up in Moscow on July 5, 2013 by the All-Russian Scientific Interdisciplinary Symposium (with international participation) “Medical anthropology in Russia and abroad” (Moscow: Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology – the First Moscow State Medical University); registered on November 5, 2013 (Moscow). AMA is the Russian (foreign citizens are welcome) non-commercial public organization seeking to unite specialists from different research areas associating their activities with medical anthropology. We regard medical anthropology as an interdisciplinary scientific field for researching different issues of health and healthcare in broad social, cultural and bio-cultural contexts, various historical and cultural forms of human experience and reaction to disease, medical systems and systems of healing of the past and the present. 

Membership in the Association (AMA) is open for representatives of humanitarian and natural science: anthropologists, ethnologists, ethnographers, sociologists, psychologists, philosophers, medical practitioners, ecologists, etc. AMA invites for cooperation specialists involved in medical practice, eager to expand their scientific knowledge. We are open for all professional specialists, ready for mutual scientific research.

HEALTHCARE – is an all-mankind issue.

MEDICAL ANTHROPOLOGY – is a science about man and for the sake of man.

Valentina Ivanovna Kharitonova

President of AMA

Dmitriy Victorovich Michel

Vice-President of AMA

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