Call for the symposium “MEDICAL ANTHROPOLOGY IN UNSTABLE GLOBALISING WORLD”, Moscow June 29 – July 1, 2017

Dear colleagues!

Russian Association of Medical Anthropologists (AMA) and Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences (Center of Medical Anthropology), are launching a call for the symposium “MEDICAL ANTHROPOLOGY IN UNSTABLE GLOBALISING WORLD” which will be held in Moscow on June 29 – July 1, 2017.

This symposium is a large scientific event that covers various topics and issues in medical anthropology, bioethics, philosophy, psychology and other disciplines. The range of topics and panels are being discussed, so we welcome both individual talks and proposals for thematic panels.


  1. Medical anthropology as a field of knowledge and education: cases of Russia and other countries.
  2. Physical anthropology / medical ecology as one of the areas of medical anthropology: evolution of subject field.
  3. Nutrition and health: dialogue between anthropology of food and medical anthropology.
  4. Medicinal plants in the focus of medical anthropology: ethno-botany, ethno-pharmacology, phytotherapy.
  5. From medical ethnography to medical anthropology.
  6. Medical pluralism as a subject of interdisciplinary research.
  7. Folk medicine and traditional medicine in the focus of medical anthropology.
  8. Traditional medical systems.
  9. Cultural notions of body and purity.
  10. Phenomenon of altered states of consciousness as a subject of medical anthropology and anthropology of consciousness.
  11. Cross-cultural psychiatry.
  12. Spiritual healing in religious traditions.
  13. Music therapy in traditional and modern healing systems.
  14. Anthropology of biomedicine: extension of subject field.
  15. Homo medicus in today’s world.
  16. Medical specialists and patients: communication on health matters.
  17. Medical choice: doctors’ and patients’ decision-making.
  18. Apersoninamedicalizedworld.
  19. Social/cultural studies of biomedical innovations.
  20. Medicine and practices of hope.
  21. Bioethical and anthropological studies of biotechnologies
  22. Health in unstable globalising world
  23. Health of migrant workers: anthropological aspects
  24. Women’s health
  25. Male and female reproductive health
  26. Disability studies: perception of disability in different cultures
  27. Chemical and non-chemical addictions: stigma, prevention and compliance

Languages of symposium ​​– Russian and English.

The deadline for applications is February 1st, 2017. Please send your applications to

  1. Name
  2. Research degree
  3. Academic rank
  4. Place of work
  5. Occupation 
  6. Email
  7. Phone number  
  8. How you are going to pay the fee (bank transfer / at registration)
  9. Topic number
  10. Paper title
  11. Abstracts (no more than 200 words)
  12. Accommodation in hotel: yes/no.

Applications and abstracts may be submitted in English or Russian.
The organizing committee reserves the right to select participants of the symposium on the basis of applications received.

Please, make sure to specify whether you need hotel accommodation (Russian participants may be suggested reduced prices at hotels of Russian academy of sciences). Foreign participants may be provided consultations regarding accommodation and booking, as well as visa support.

Registration fee is 100 euros for foreign participants (50 euros for undergraduate and graduate students). Members of Association of Medical Anthropologists get a 50% discount. The fee includes visa support, transfer, sightseeing assistance, coffee breaks and buffet reception, a certificate, a folder with symposium materials. The fee should be paid after the individual receives a message confirming that their talk is included in the conference program, but not later than on May 1st, 2017. The fee should be transferred to the bank account of AMA, with a notice of name and purpose of payment («name, registration fee, Symposium 2017»). Please find the account details at, (“Membership / how to become a member of the AMA / our contact details”). You can also pay the fee during the conference registration (please indicate this in your letter to the Organizing Committee).

The scientific papers based on the symposium reports will be published in a regular series of books «Works in medical anthropology» (IEA RAS) or electronic journal «Medical Anthropology and Bioethics» (IEA).

The style guide for publishing can be found

Please, feel free to contact the secretary of the Organizing Committee:

Ozhiganova Anna A.


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