5 декабря, выступление Кашаяра Бейджи о пластической хирургии в Иране (ГМИИ им. Пушкина)

5 декабря в 17:00 в основном здании ГМИИ им. Пушкина состоится выступление о пластической хирургии в Иране Кашаяра Бейджи PhD Калифорнийского университета в Беркли. Подробную информацию см. ниже.

Dear Friends and Colleagues, 
Next week on Dec 5th I will have a short (20 mins) presentation on the subject of Plastic Surgery in Iran including screening parts of a documentary. You can find more info and details below. If you decide to come please send your name to anna.klochkova@arts-museum.ru 
Hope to see some old as well as new friends and colleagues,
Khashayar Beigi
PhD, University of California at Berkeley
— Location, Date and Time: Pushkin State Museum main building, Wednesday Dec 5th at 5 pm. 
— Title of Presentation: «Plasticity and Elasticity, Iranian Style: A View from Medical Anthropology»
— Abstract: Iran has the highest ranks of plastic surgeries in the world including rhinoplasty (for both men and women), hymen surgery and other body-altering medical procedures. In this talk I will briefly examine the complex relationship between public and private lives in post-revolutionary Iran that has turned surgery and its plastic body into an anthropological site and practice for negotiating between the two realms. I will also argue that contrary to Liberal views the Iranian State does not just act as a limiting or suppressing actor but also as enabling and at times even promoting modern surgical solutions to the everyday problems of social life. 
-Short bio: I’m a psychotherapist and medical anthropologist, having practiced both in Iran and US and interested in the psychic as well as bodily manifestations of social and historical forces. My last degree is PhD in Medical Anthropology from University of California at Berkeley.
— The film I’m going to show in part is in Persian with English subtitles and is called: «Nose jobs, Iranian style»:

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